World Town Planning Day 2018

November 1, 2018

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World Town Planning Day is celebrated in 30 countries on four continents each November. It is a special day to recognize and promote the role of planning in creating livable communities. Follow happenings on Twitter at @GlobalPlanning. In celebration for 2018, Global Planners Network is pleased to share content from planning associations around the world:

American Planning Association

Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI)

Canadian Institute of Planners (CIP-ICU)

Planning Institute Australia (PIA)


International Federation for Housing and Planning (IFHP)

Among this year’s topics are:

How can planners identify best practices to inform their work from beyond international borders?

Border Urban Areas
Learn how to uncover their potential and balance local, state, and national priorities.

International Smart Cities
Learn strategies and tools used internationally to adopt information and communication technologies for better city planning, management, and governance.

Planning for Migrants and Refugees
As many as 500–600 million people globally may have to move because of climate change.

Planning at the United Nations
Explore the role of urban planning within the United Nations, especially the UN-Habitat program. Learn how UN-Habitat uses urban planning principles to improve urban settlements worldwide.

Nongovernmental Organizations and Planning in the Developing World
Cities in the developing world are struggling to address rapid population growth and major challenges from climate change.

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