GPN members sign Katowice Declaration

November 4, 2022

Katowice DeclarationMembers of the Global Planners Network have signed the Katowice Declaration 2022, setting out the commitment of the global planning profession in addressing the challenges posed by rapid urbanisation, as outlined at the World Urban Forum Eleventh Session in Katowice, Poland.

The Declaration is a commitment by members to tackle the challenges of rapid urbanisation, the dire consequences of poverty and inequality, and the hazards posed to both humans and the environment by biodiversity loss, climate change, conflicts and natural disasters.

There can be no sustainable development without sustainable urbanisation and no sustainable urbanisation without effective planning. Political support, financial and human resource investment, and authentic community empowerment and engagement are required for effective planning.

We will promote this declaration to governments, international development organisations, other professions, and to civil society in a spirit of global partnership and collaboration.

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