The Global Planners Network is a plurality of voices with diverse and relevant experience to advocate for effective planning. Member organizations work to advance inclusionary and sustainable planning practice worldwide.

Global Planners Network Meeting Held in New York City

The American Planning Association’s 2017 National Planning Conference in New York in May attracted more than 6,000 participants, and Global Planners Network members gathered there to share details of their activities and plans going forward. They discussed ways to make World Town Planning Day more successful, and three new members were recommended to the GPN membership as a whole:

The South African Council for Planners (SACPLAN)
Institute of Planners Pakistan (IPP)
Club de Reflexion sur l’Urbain – CRU

GPN also discussed partnerships and participation in upcoming international planning events, including the joint APA Oregon Chapter and International Society of City and Regional Planning (ISOCARP) conference slated for late October.

Tracks include: technology, infrastructure and buildings, governance and inclusive communities, culture, community experience and the sharing economy, resilience, adaptation and disaster mitigation, technology and small communities, and post-smart communities — new frontiers.

Two sessions on important international planning initiatives were well attended in New York. One focused on the big picture: What are the goals? The second showed how New York, Baltimore, and San Francisco are incorporating the SDGs and NUA into their local plans and implementation actions.

If you or your city are working with these guidelines, please share your efforts so Global Planners Network can introduce your work to your international colleagues. Case examples provide valuable lessons.

Graphic of San Jose, California's Sustainable Development Goals.
San Jose, California’s Sustainable Development Goals. Image from Report to the City of San Jose: Implementing the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals at the Local Level, December 2016.

Paris Agreement

Some American cities will continue participation in the Paris Climate Accord despite the lack of support at the national level. Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg also announced that he will personally provide millions of dollars to maintain America’s involvement in meeting the accord’s goals.