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The Race to Net Zero: Why We Need To Plan The World We Need

November 8, 2021

Edinburgh,,United,Kingdom,-,28,July,2017:,Tram,,A,TramwayThis event was organised during COP26 by the Royal Town Planning Institute in partnership with the Global Planners Network, Commonwealth Association of Planners and the International Society of City and Regional Planners

If we are to deliver net zero carbon we need to make plans. These must be holistic, integrated, and resourced for delivery. They need to accelerate progress to a green economy, increase resilience to risk, and create fair, healthy and prosperous communities. At this critical moment in time, we need to build on leading practice and identify what needs to change.

This face to face and webcasted event will show how planners and planning system across the world are tackling climate change and working to achieve net zero. It will comprise a series of presentations and discussion highlighting the critical role of, and opportunities for, towns and cities across the globe to address climate change and achieve zero carbon places. It will showcase where planners and planning have and can play a vital role in redesigning our places and spaces, in minimising the need for travel, mainstreaming and diversifying low carbon energy, protecting and enhancing the natural environment, improving climate resilience and engaging communities in taking this forward.

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